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Hello. This is Readable.

Readable is an application that helps you read more of the web. It transforms text on any website using fonts, colors, and layouts of your choosing.

By presenting content in a format that you're comfortable with, Readable makes the reading experience much more enjoyable — and faster too.

Readable is the most customizable solution for manipulating content (on the web) and making it readable. It's also very simple to use and completely free.


Before you can start using Readable, you need to set it up. Setting up Readable consists of choosing the font, color, and layout that will be used to display content. (In all, Readable provides 15 customizable options.)

(If the setup process sounds confusing or complicated, don't worry; you'll see a preview of how Readable will display content, and you'll quickly figure out how things work. Also, each option has a tooltip which contains a handy explanation.)

Proceed to the setup page.